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Mobiltech Offers 3D LiDAR scanner and sensor systems

MOBILTECH possess a technology to calibrate various sensors
'Replica Series' is a 3D spatial information scanner using lidar and various sensors

We builds  an environment that customer needs



Replica Series is a series of 3D scanners using mapping technology and sensor fusion technology; DL-Replica, L-Replica, and XL-Replica.

With this broad lineup of scanners, you can choose the scanner best fits your needs for the project and the budget.


All scanners guarantee the highest precision point cloud data for each of its kind.


* Images are Sample Image
MOBILTECH can customize the sensor configuration that the customer wants.


  • 1LiDAR, 1 IMU

  • Real-Time 3D Mapping Solution for Indoor/Outdoor use

  • GPS free solution which enables various survey

  • Available for projects in difficult places with traditional technology


  • 1LiDAR, 5 Camera,  1 IMU / GNSS

  • High definition Mobile MApping System

  • Multi sensors synchronization

  • Same spec with Lower price VS Rival MMS

  • A.I based Data categorizing algorithm​


  • 1LiDAR, 1 Camera,  1 IMU / GNSS

  • Usabla in various formats from drone to tank

  • Uing precise calibration data between different sensors


  • 1LiDAR, 1 Camera

  • Directly applicable for the computer vision RnD area using camera and LiDAR

  • Providing 'image + depths' data for autonomous and robot AI technology

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